The Black Windmill is a loose collective of LA-based musicians around singer/guitarist Axel Ray Steuerwald (United Ghosts) and guitarist and multimedia artist Michael Deragon.
Setting out to avoid the obvious and the drawbacks of a traditional band set-up, The Black Windmill works on an anything-goes approach, its floating line-up combining the talents of multiple collaborators to produce a heady mix of lush experimental soundscapes, psychedelic guitar hooks male-female vocal harmonies and electronic noise. There is also a strong visual element through video and projections.
True to spirit, the recordings feature a wild array of LA musicians such as Indonesian-born singer Kanya Iwana, Sha Sabi of United Ghosts, Charlie Woodburn of Bell Gardens and Magic Wands and Rizz from the band Vowws.
A physical EP release is imminent at the end of 2015 and live shows are to follow. Look out for the video for first single "Memory Girl", featuring Kanya Iwana on vocals.
Xx, The Black Windmill